Udvartana is a special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders. In this procedure, herbal powder is warmed (to retain the maximum heat in the powder). This powder is rubbed all over the body to slough off dead skin cells and helps in reducing subcutaneous fat. This therapy is unique in that the stroking motion during the massage is upwards towards the heart. This procedure lasts for about 45-60 minutes. Followed by swedana (medicated steam bath), and hot shower bath.

Udvartana is very effective in reducing cellulite and fat accumulation. Overweight people can get benefits from this technique to control their body weight. Rubbing herbal powder helps breaking down the cellulite and increases the burning accumulated fat. Therefore, we recommend it for those who wants to lose weight.


  • The main benefit of the Udvartana is, it remove toxins through the skin.
  • Reduces fat tissue and therefore, helps in weight reduction.
  • Udvartana tones, cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
  • Besides, udwartana also provides strength to the body.
  • Makes skin radiant, glowing and improves skin complexion.
  • Tightens the skin, removes body odour.

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