Panchakarma in Children

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Panchakarma in children

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is the ancient system of medicine, practiced since ages. It not only advocates about the diseased and its treatment, but certainly teaches one how to live a healthy life. Ayurveda mainly deals with two types of treatment:-
1. Shodhana (detox/purificatory methods) or better known as Panchakarma and
2. Shamana (balancing the doshas with medicines).

Panchakarma mainly consists of five major therapeutic procedure for the complete detoxification of body, i.e. Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Raktamokshan, Nasya.

Children being in the developing stage, is completely different identity from that of an adult. It is an ideal time to take utmost care for them. Ancient Veda is the perfect solution for all of their ailments. Being master in Ayurveda pediatrics, Dr. Shweta is expert in this field. She treats all the diseases occurring in children of all the age groups.

Ancient Veda offer wide range of Panchakarma therapies in Children:

Newborn massage with bath – It is done in a very unique way, oils used are completely herbal and exceptionally made to nourish your newborn. Besides, it also removes redness, itching and dryness like symptoms from the skin . Daily massage of newborn has shown to benefit baby’s overall growth and development. Followed by, bath with herbal medicated water, to pamper your baby.

AbhyangaIt is kind of medicated oil massage, nourishes all the dhatus, help them in their growing phase providing nourishment to the mind and body.

Steam medicated steam bath helps in removing the toxins and relax the body.

Udvartana – Only recommended for the obese children and in certain medical conditions which involves blockages or obstruction in the channels (srotas). As it helps in shedding the weight and clears the obstruction.

Shirodhara – it calms the mind. It is a de-stressing therapy, good for mind and soul. It is beneficial for those kids, who are inattentive, have behavioral disorders, autism and neuro- disorders etc.

Basti – is considered half treatment of all the Panchakarma therapies. It is enormously powerful for overcoming vata dominating conditions. For example- diseases like autism, epilepsy, paralysis, ADHD, delayed milestone, and in several syndromes.

Nasya – Nasya is perfect treatment for clearing the head region. This ensures a total clearance of the doshas from head, and all the diseases which originate above the collar bone. Helps in diminishing various kinds of cerebral pain, headache, sleep disorders, hair issues, neurological disorders, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, autism, ADHD, respiratory ailments etc.

Vamana – Detox procedure which eliminates excess Kapha from body, very effective in skin disorders, bronchial asthma, chronic allergies, psoriasis, obesity, chronic indigestion, psychological disorders, hyperacidity, etc.

Virechana – Detox procedure which removes excess Pitta from body, it is effective in chronic skin disorders, vitiligo, psoriasis, asthma, headaches, hyperacidity, constipation, digestive disorders etc.

Shastik shali pinda sweda – Its a type of sudation (steam giving) procedure. done by a special variety of rice, cooked with decoction of various herbs and milk. It strengthens the body, and it is effective in delayed milestone, autism, syndromic child, and various neuromuscular diseases.

Pichu – it is method of applying oil over head. It is very beneficial in the Vata related disorders, and disorders affecting the head, neck, sensory organs. and for control & prevention of many psychosomatic disorders. Aboveall, it provides nourishment directly to the brain (moordha).

Akshi tarpana – best treatment for all eye problems. As it helps in improving vision, strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes, helps in treating chronic conjunctivitis, revitalizes tired and dry eyes, relieves tension in the eye sockets, corrects refractive errors. Moreover, it also corrects eye disorders. Which are caused by excess use of mobile phones, computers and laptops.

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