Basti Treatment


Basti is one major procedure among Panchakarma (five classical detoxification procedures). This treatment is also called the mother of all Panchakarma treatments and is enormously powerful for overcoming vata – dominated conditions such as joint pains arthritis, backache, sciatica, constipation etc. It is considered best treatment for all the ailments from head to toe. 

Types of Basti – it is mainly of two types

  1. Anuvasna Basti (oil based) Mainly contains only medicated oils. This is usually given in small amount like 60 to 100 ml (may differ in every individual).
  2. Asthapan or Niruha Basti (kashaya made with combination of decoction, paste of herbs, honey and oil etc).

The site of action of Basti karma is Pakwashaya i.e. lower gastrointestinal tract. It is the main site of Vata dosha. Hence enema is mainly useful for the treatment of vitiated Vata (Ashtang Hrudaya Sutrasthana 19/1).

Indications for Basti

  • Mainly Basti is useful in the diseases, which occurs due to vitiated Vata. Like problems occurring in muscles and bones.
  • Diseases affecting the whole body (sarvanga roga) for example rheumatoid arthritis and localized diseases (ekanga roga) for example Sciatica, cervical Spondylosis or lumbar spondylosis. 
  • Digestive tract problems like abdominal pain due to gas, constipation, ulcerative colitis, retention of flatus, urine or stool etc
  • Muscle atrophy, dystrophy.
  • Nervous disorders or Neurological problems (vatavyadhi) like Hemiplegia, Parkinsonism, Sciatica, Motor Neuron disease.
  • Psychosis, schizophrenia or any other disease which affects mind or brain. 
  • Disorders of Udana vayu like dry Bronchial Asthma, Dry cough, Hiccough.
  • Diseases of Apana vayu like menstrual disorders, infertility, PCOD, oligozoospermia.
  • Basti is recommended for all types of Vata dominant conditions where pain & stiffness are the main features.

Just go through the list of above mentioned disease and check which disease you are suffering from. To take this treatment, book your appointment today to get the perfect solution of your ailment.

At Ancient Veda we try to give the best treatment and plan it according to the disease and convenience of the patient.



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