Scalp Psoriasis

Treatment of Scalp Psoriasis at Ancient Veda, Noida.

As we all are aware by the rising in number of patients suffering from Psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disease and is very common disorder that makes raised, reddish, itching, often depicted by red and silvery scaly patches. Major cause of stress and mental pressure.

In Scalp psoriasis symptoms are- red patches, Silvery-white scales, Dandruff-like flaking, Dry scalp, severe Itching resulting in oozing of blood, Burning or soreness ultimately ends up with hair loss.

In Ayurveda Psoriasis is called Ekakustha (variety of kustha rog), which is caused by the vitiation (disturbance) of Vata – Kapha dosha. It can occur anywhere in the body but common sites are:- elbows, knees, chest, scalp, nails, face and skin folds.


Till now modern medicine does not have a satisfactory treatment for Psoriasis. But in Ayurveda it is treated by Panchakarma therapy (Shodhana), in order to remove the toxins from body.  Along with Oral medications (Shamana) to maintain the equilibrium of dosha in body.

After Panchakarma session the patch colour has almost come to normal. And patient found relief in the symptoms especially in the itching, no flaking and the treatment has also helped him for aid in digestion.

We at Ancient Veda treats patient, with complete Ayurvedic medicines and management. Advise them with proper diet and lifestyle, do’s and don’ts. As it plays a very important role in the treatment of disease.

In this case of Scalp psoriasis, patient had 8-10 small patches, red silvery skin, severe itching.  Patient was treated with Panchakarma (Vamana) procedure under the guidance of Ayurveda expert. And with oral medicines. Within 3 weeks of complete ayurvedic treatment patient has shown very good results.

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