Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy in a patient of Blemishes (after application of leech)

Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy (Raktamokshana) is a unique Para-surgical measure indicated in   various diseases where Blood (rakta) is involved in the pathology of disease. Acharya Sushruta (father of ancient Indian surgery), has described about leeches in Shushruta Samhita many years ago. And since then it is practised by Ayurvedic doctors and now also accepted by modern practitioners.

Leeches are used in the medical practice since ancient times to treat many diseases like Skin diseases, Vascular Problems, Varicose Veins, Acne, Non-healing ulcers, Diabetic wounds, Boils and abscess, Herpes, Thrombosis, blemishes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, Sciatica, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, eczema Alopecia, etc.

Leech therapy is a painless therapy, safe and better alternative to manage such disorders. It is claimed to be the supreme therapy because of its high efficiency in curing blood related disorders.

In Leech therapy, localized impure blood is let out to heal the tissue. Leech only sucks impure blood. And is used to relieve venous congestion & improve blood circulation.

Mode of Action

Leech have many distinct enzymes in its saliva, through which they act. The enzymes enter the blood through the place the leech sucks the blood. The most important is the Hirudin, which acts as an anticoagulant. This leech enzymes has the ability to stay in the blood and do vasodilation and further facilitate the blood supply to the surrounding tissue and prevent necrosis and healing. Some anti allergic factors ensure reduction in the lesions. Ancient Veda ensures the patient who goes under leech therapy for a better and fast recovery from the diseases.

After 40 minutes of Leech Application

Leeches are your best friend which helps you in healing then why to opt for surgery, when you can still take Painless therapy. Think wisely.

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