Corona Virus – Ayurvedic View & Prevention

What is Corona Virus – Ayurvedic View & Prevention

Let’s discuss what our Ayurvedic Expert Dr. Shweta Verma says about Corona. Currently practicing Ayurveda as a Senior Consultant at Ancient Veda – Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Centre, A-4 Sector 56, Noida.  Former Senior consultant CCRAS, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India.

Corona is getting spread all over the World and India can’t be left behind from it. The capital is in a panic mode after the Ministry of Health has confirmed the first case of the COVID-19, and they are still emerging. The World Health Organisation has already declared the situation as a public health emergency with the global death toll crossing 3000 already.

Ayurvedic view –

Thousands of years ago Acharya Charaka (father of Indian Medicine), has already penned it down in his Ayurveda textbook named as Charaka Samhita, where Acharya Charaka mentions about the spreading of the communicable disease as Janpadodhwamsa (Epidemic).

Janapadodhwamsa is defined as due to the vitiation of the factors like Vayu (air), Jala (water), Desh (country/region), Kala (time/season), which are common to the population, produces same signs and symptoms result in the manifestation of same disease causing death to a community can be termed as Janapadodhwamsa.

Tips to Prevent yourself from Corona Virus

  1. Lukewarm water

As soon as you get up from bed drink a glass full of lukewarm water. And whenever you are thirsty drink lukewarm water as it is light to digest, ignites digestive system, and gets easily absorbed. It also helps in fighting from the common flu like symptoms and very effective in drying the Kapha dosha.

Best if you can drink a cup of green tea, freshly prepared by adding – cinnamon, ginger, basil, lemongrass, black pepper in one cup of hot water. Rest it while for about five minutes strain it and enjoy it hot, once or twice a day. Don’t take the readymade one.

  1. Massage everyday (Abhyanga)

Before bathing, massage your full body for at least 10 minutes with preferably with medicated oil or in case of unavailability you can also use sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard oil. Daily massage builds up the immunity and make our body resistance for many viruses, calms down mind and reduces stress.

  1. Hot Water Bath

Massage followed by hot water bath is ideal gift for your body. As the hot water open up the pores and it removes toxins from the body.

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  1. Nasyam

Put few drops of oil in both the nostrils, it strengthens the respiratory system, builds up immunity and keeps the viruses at bay.  

  1. Yoga

Do yoga regularly and especially Pranayama – Kapalbhati, anuloma viloma, and inverted yoga postures like shirsha aasan (headstand), sarvanga aasan (shoulderstand). To drain out the excess germs or viruses which may enter in your respiratory system. And mediate at least for 10-15 min regularly.

  1. Food

Do not eat oily, spicy, fried, readymade, canned, preserved and junk foods like burgers, fries, samosa, pizzas, coldrinks etc. Avoid potatoes, refined sugar and maida (refined flour) products. Majorly avoid all the nonveg foods.

Eat healthy and homemade food, green leafy vegetables, dals esp, moong dal (moong lentils), soups. Take all the seasonal fruits especially oranges, lemon, pomegranate, guava, strawberries. As they are rich in vitamin c which is essential for immunity and fights from flu and infections.

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  1. Sleep

Take good sleep for almost 7-8 hrs. to relax for mind and body. also make sure to do salt water gargles before you sleep, as it flushes out the bacterial growth which can result in congestion or tonsillitis.

  1. Panchakarma

This is the best season to undergo Panchakarma are the five major procedure for purifications. To get complete information about panchakarma click on this link

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  1. Rasayana (Immunity Booster)  

After purification rasyana act as catalyst to your body. it enhances immunity, keeps flu – infections away and nourishes all the dhatus and cells of body. Makes you youthful and energetic by delaying the aging process. The best rasayana for this disease is Makarprash, chavyanprash and swamala. (to buy call us at 8826884589). And for kids and children Swarna Prashan is the best immunity modulator. But it will be best to consult an Ayurvedic physician before starting any medication.

Book your appointment at this link

  1. Dhoopana karma (Fumigation)

As you all might have seen yagya or hawan at your place or nearby. It is the best, easiest  and most convenient method to clean the environment, making the air clean and free from all types of viruses and bacteria.

Simply you can perform it at your home just take a big bowl or a plate of steel, copper or mud, add Guggulu, camphor, lavang, sarso, neem, havan samagri, desi ghee and burn it. Allow the fumes to reach at every nook and corner of your home. Making an ideal environment to stop the breeding for all types of microorganisms.

Precautions to be taken

  • Avoid going to over-crowded place

Until very important, avoid going to flea markets, malls, shopping complex, cafes and restaurant. As, carriers of corona virus may be present anywhere.

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  • Wear Mask

Whenever its urgent to go out for some important work or to your workplace wear a good quality of mask. Make sure your nose and mouth should be properly covered. 

  • Say no to handshake

Don’t shake hands with anyone to minimize the risk of getting contaminated. Instead say Namaste to greet as it has no chance of contamination.

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  • Wash your hands frequently using soap whenever possible or Use alcohol based sanitizer.
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  • Sneeze or cough using disposable tissue and discard them immediately.

Don’t sneeze or cough when you are close to someone maintain gap. As the corona virus can’t travel long distance.

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  • Don’t eat nonveg

As Corona virus is originated from wild animals which has jumped into humans now. So it will be good to you if you avoid eating non veg food. Go green and eat vegetarian.

  • Minimal use of public transport

Especially people travelling in metro and local buses, should use mask and travel carefully. After coming to your home, immediately change your contaminated clothes wash your hands, feet, face and then meet interact with your family members. Especially if you have small kids at home, don’t meet them immediately after you come from outside.

  • Avoid travelling

Avoid unnecessary travel to other countries which are in the grip of Corona Virus.

And most important if you have symptoms like sneezing, fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, immediately consult your doctor.

You can also book appointment or online consultation at Ancient Veda link

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